Demons, HR, and Papersnips


“In order to find something lost, a mage could resort to a spell of search. In theory, it was an easy type of magic, but in practice, its difficulty increased along with its range.”
        The world as he knows, it has been destroyed, and he has no memories. What guides him is a mysterious note. Let’s drink, come find me. But it is not that simple.
        The traveler has to find a Witch that possesses the knowledge of the stars, to restore what he’s lost and to help him find his way. And a demon, summoned by a cantankerous innkeeper to get his soul, isn’t exactly helpful for that.
        As the traveler and the demon journey on, strange creatures reveal more and more about the world. And when they finally meet the Witch, they get a lot more than they bargained for.
        Can the traveler get back his memories? Is the demon doomed to be stuck in this world forever, without consuming any souls? And what’s the deal with the mysterious Papersnip?
        Get pulled into this strange world full of peculiar creatures and gripping stories from the very first page of “Driftwood Atlas”!

Like snowflakes in a snow globe, the worlds drift across creation. And, recording their tales, is the Driftworld Atlas.

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